Kepler Motion

It was killing me not to be able to write about this, as it isn’t often that I know about something really interesting before all of the “cool” kids do.  So, finally I’m going to post a few pictures of the Kepler Motion “Dual Powertrain” Supercar.

Kepler Motion at Dubai International Auto Show

As a picture is worth a thousand words (and I have access to some) I’ll mostly post those.  I write this sitting in the Kepler offices in Southern California where the executive and engineering team have just returned from the Dubai International Auto Show where the Motion was announced to the global press. The “Dual Powertrain” (250 hp electric motor in the front, 550 hp twin turbo in the back) is for the purpose of improving performance (not just being “green”) and the Motion is gorgeous! Kepler Website

Press Feeding Frenzy

I have many many more pictures and I’ll post some as I have time.  I am in Orange County to spend time with friends and family and log miles on a bicycle again for the first time since my crash and resulting surgery in October – so those things are a priority. 

Neil Hannemann and Russ Wicks of Kepler

Kepler Motion

Happy New Year!!!


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