Thunderhill 25 – Finish

So, we ended up 2nd.  I’m in a rush to get out for my ride home, so I’ll fill in details when I get back.

It was long, the guys did a great job, and we’ll be coming back again to get it all the way right.

9 responses to “Thunderhill 25 – Finish

  1. Congratulations on a great finish !

  2. Congrats, a long ordeal accomplished

  3. Thanks for the updates, GO BEAVERS.

  4. hey,great job on the finish 17 more days til Christmas!!![=

  5. Still waiting for the final writeup, slacker! 😉

    • I just turned the computer on for the first time since I left the track, and I still haven’t been home yet. I’ll get to it – get your story straight, because I’m going to be calling you for one.

  6. OK, give me a call tonight. Only real point of interest is that the RR hub sheared on the downhill out of turn 5, that hosed us for 20 minutes or so, enough to be out of contention for 2nd.

  7. Actually I think it was the left rear. Whatever the opposite of your failure was.

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