Racing and Safety

I’ve always thought that bicycle racing is way sketchier than automobile racing (with the possible exception of the time I spent as a Pro Rally co-driver).  I don’t mean to beat up on organizers of bicycle races, but the typical logistical (Risk Management) work I see wouldn’t fly at an automobile road race (or Soapbox Derby, for that matter).  And no, I’m not volunteering for the job – just an observation.  I wrote something related to safety here.

Enough of PIR

I came across this  today as I was doing my morning reading.  If you weren’t aware, the riders in the Giro d’Italia staged a protest last week regarding safety.  This reminds me of Jackie Stewart’s (and later Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux) work toward making Formula One “safer” – they eventually succeeded.  Motor racing is safer for everybody because them – cycling will eventually benefit in the same way.  VeloNews Story


One response to “Racing and Safety

  1. Wow… very great subject. I will blog about it too!!

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